WNMF Showcase: Launchpad

Thursday, January 26, 2023 , 7:30 pm


Jaelem Bhate,  RBC Guest Conductor
Dmitri Zrajevski,  RBC Guest Conductor
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra


Isaac Zee :  On the Day of Judgement - World Premiere
Darren Xu :  To Liberate - World Premiere
Jessica MacIsaac:  Thirteen - World Premiere
Nolan Hildebrand :  ArtDiesSoundsRepeat - World Premiere
Rebecca Adams :  Lion's Den - World Premiere
Gregory Parth:  Teutoberg - World Premiere
Eliazer Kramer :  Fantasy for Orchestra - World Premiere
Liam Ritz :  Kaleidoscope - World Premiere
Thomas Joiner :  Dawn - World Premiere

Centennial Concert Hall: 

This concert is FREE but tickets must be reserved.

Throughout its history, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra has played a leading role in supporting the creation of new music in Canada, most notably through its now 32-years-young Winnipeg New Music Festival. Building on this tradition of fostering the voices of the future, the WNMF Composers Institute now enters its fifth year, gathering emerging talents from across the nation to work with the WSO in bringing to life an exciting program of fresh ink orchestral music.

Maestros Daniel Raiskin and Julian Pellicano are joined by RBC guest conductors Jaelem Bhate and Dmitri Zrajevski as they lead your WSO through a set of world premieres of new works by nine gifted composers, including three winners of the Canadian Music Centre’s annual Emerging Composer Competition. Mentor composers Kelly-Marie Murphy and Eliot Britton join WSO composer-in-residence Haralabos [Harry] Stafylakis in introducing this year’s featured young artists as the 2023 Winnipeg New Music Festival lifts off.