Composers Institute

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra announces the fourth annual WNMF Composers Institute to be held during the Winnipeg New Music Festival, Jan. 25–31, 2020Click here for more details.

WNMF Composers Institute

Jan. 26–Feb. 1, 2019
Winnipeg New Music Festival, Centennial Concert Hall


An intense and prestigious experience for six Canadian emerging composers including:

  • A world premiere of their orchestral composition performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at WNMF
  • An archival audio recording of their premiere
  • Work closely with mentor composers Jocelyn Morlock, Kelly-Marie Murphy, and Harry Stafylakis
  • Attend all Winnipeg New Music Festival concerts
  • Attend rehearsals with WNMF guest composers and artists
  • A week of professional development workshops, panel discussions, lessons, and masterclasses

Writing for orchestra is one of the great accomplishments of a composer’s creative life. There are, however, few opportunities for Canadians in the early stages of their careers to engage with the medium in a practical, hands-on environment. The symphony orchestra presents many challenges, including effectively balancing the orchestra’s many instruments and communicating clearly with the conductor, musicians, and audience.

The WNMF Composers Institute provides a unique professional training opportunity for young composers, who will be immersed in the orchestral world through mentorship by some of Canada’s leading orchestral composers and through close integration with the renowned Winnipeg New Music Festival.

In this third year of the Composers Institute, six emerging composers from across Canada have been selected by juried competition to participate in the 2019 WNMF Composers Institute. These six composers, plus the winner of the CMC Prairie Region Emerging Composer Competition for Orchestra, will have their orchestral works premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at WNMF3: Orchestral Voice of the Future, led by WSO’s resident conductor Julian Pellicano, and with the guidance of this year’s mentor composers, Jocelyn Morlock, Kelly-Marie Murphy, and Harry Stafylakis.

All participants will experience the week-long Winnipeg New Music Festival from behind the scenes, attending rehearsals and concerts. In addition, professional development workshops will be held daily throughout the festival. These workshops, lessons, and masterclasses will also feature several of WNMF 2019’s guest composers visiting from throughout Canada and from abroad including Pēteris Vasks, Vivian Fung and Eliot Britton.

The 2019 WNMF Composers Institute participants and works are:

Scott Ross-Molyneux
Ehrykaviss for orchestra (CMC Prairie Region Emerging Competition 2018 winner)

Adam Hakooz
Flux for orchestra
Kirsten Ewart
Cueva de Villa Luz for orchestra
Noora Nakhaei
Garden of Earthly Delights for orchestra
Curtis Wright
Thuban & Eltanin for orchestra
Amy Brandon
3 Portraits for orchestra
Tyler Versluis
Tragic Overture, “Phaeton”

The 2019 mentor composers are Jocelyn Morlock, Kelly-Marie Murphy, and Harry Stafylakis.

Jocelyn Morlock Kelly-Marie Murphy Harry Stafylakis

Special guest composers and visitors involved in the institute include:

  • Vivian Fung, composer
  • Elliot Britton, composer
  • Brandon University New Music Ensemble, Megumi Masaki, director
  • Daniel Raiskin, WSO Music Director
  • Julian Pellicano, WSO Resident Conductor
  • Jean-François Phaneuf, WSO VP of Artistic Operations & Community Engagement
  • Greg Hamilton, WSO Principal Librarian
  • Brent Johnson, WSO Education & Community Engagement Manager

The Concert:

New Generation of Canadian Music
Monday, January 28 at 7:30 pm
Centennial Concert Hall

The culmination of the WNMF Composers Institute is the presentation of world premieres by these six emerging Canadian composers, Amy Brandon, Kirsten Ewart, Adam Hakooz, Noora Nakhaei, Curtis Wright & Tyler Versluis alongside the winner of the CMC Prairie Region Emerging Composer Competition, Scott Ross-Molyneux.

Now in its third year, the WNMF Composers Institute looks to the future of Canadian orchestral music, immersing a hand-selected group of composers from across the country in an intensive week of rehearsals and workshops under the mentorship of WNMF guest composers Kelly-Marie Murphy, Jocelyn Morlock, and Harry Stafylakis. The Composers Institute culminates in this concert of premieres led by Daniel Raiskin and Resident Conductor Julian Pellicano.

Each composer will participate in a short interview with the mentor composers and will introduce their piece from stage prior to the performance. Following the concert a post-concert panel and Q&A with all the WNMF Composers Institute composers and mentors will take place on the Piano Nobile.


Scott Ross-Molyneux Ehrykaviss for orchestra CMC Prairie Region Emerging Composer Competition Winning Work WORLD PREMIERE
Adam Hakooz Flux for orchestra CANADIAN PREMIERE
Kirsten Ewart Cueva de Villa Luz for orchestra WORLD PREMIERE
Noora Nakhaei Garden of Earthly Delights for orchestra WORLD PREMIERE
Curtis Wright Thuban & Eltanin for orchestra WORLD PREMIERE
Amy Brandon 3 Portraits for orchestra WORLD PREMIERE
Tyler Versluis Tragic Overture, “Phaeton” WORLD PREMIERE


Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Raiskin, conductor
Julian Pellicano, conductor
Jocelyn Morlock, mentor composer
Kelly-Marie Murphy, mentor composer
Harry Stafylakis, mentor composer