Veronique Vaka

Veronique Vaka, born in 1986, is a composer based in the southern region of Iceland. She studied classical cello performance at Vincent-d’Indy, and continued her studies in electro-acoustic composition at the University of Montreal and completed a Master’s degree in music composition from the Iceland University of the Arts. Her orchestral work Lendh has been nominated for The Icelandic Music Awards 2020 – Composition of the year, and for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2020.

Veronique took a step towards a more abstract approach to her music when she started her research: From Landscape to Music Notation. The intention of her work is to create a poetic context between what she sees, hears and feels in the unspoiled nature, and combine it into a musical composition. Her composition style can be described as organic, with an emphasis on small details such as rhythmic, textural, and timbral elements.