Quigital: Winnipeg New Music Festival

Quigital is a collaboration between Patrick Hart, in LA; Dave Arbez, in Winnipeg; Eliot Britton, in Toronto; and Kevin McPhillips, in Ottawa.

A wacky corporate phone tree/installation that was originally designed as an in-person audiovisual installation for Cluster Festival here in Winnipeg, but when the festival was cancelled, the creators shifted gears and created a version that people could experience at home, from their phone.

An introductory video was created which explains a bit of the “story” behind Quigital—a “multinational global services provider”—and implores you to call their phone number. The phone tree is an absurdist version of a typical corporate phone tree, complete with objectives, points, an ending, and lots of surprises. There is plenty of commentary on corporate messaging “during these trying times.” After you call, you’re texted a link to your profile which is an auto-generated page that tracks your progress, and a link to www.quigital.com, which is an auto-updating dashboard of global stats and progress.