Darren Xu

Darren Xu: Winnipeg New Music Festival

‘To Liberate’

Darren Xu is a Canadian-born composer who is based in Vancouver. He enjoys writing music for acoustic instruments and cross-disciplinary collaborations. He had the opportunity to work with various ensembles, including Standing Wave, Piano-Erhu Project (PEP), and Rose Geller String Quartet. His first orchestral composition, To Liberate, will be premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at the Winnipeg New Music Festival in January 2022. Darren’s collaborations with the Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow culminated in performances of his music at venues across Vancouver. His film score, Stargazer, was awarded Best Score by New York Film Awards in November 2018.

Darren began studying the piano at age 5 and began composing at the age of 19. Having spent his youth in Guangzhou China, Darren is inspired by the melodious language of Cantonese. He received his undergraduate training at UBC, where he is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Composition.