Livestream FAQs

How do I view the WSO livestream concert?

On the day of the concert, ticket buyers will receive a pre-show email with a exclusive private YouTube link to view the -concert. We recommend you access the link 10 minutes before the concert begins.

If you’ve purchased your ticket on the day of the concert, check your email for an order confirmation which will include the private YouTube link. If you don’t receive your YouTube link by 6:00pm on the day of the concert, please contact the Box Office at 204-949-3999 or email

Sometimes tickets can end up in your spam folder, so please remember to check this folder for your ticket if you don’t see in your inbox.

Do I need a YouTube account to see the concert?

No, a YouTube login or account is not required to view the concert. All you need is the private link received prior to the concert.

Can I watch a recording of the concert after it’s over?

Yes. the recording of WNMF concerts will be available to ticket holders for viewing until January 31.  You can use the same link you received to watch the concert live. After this time, the concert will no longer be available for viewing.

Can I view the concert on my TV instead of a laptop, tablet, or phone?

It may be possible, depending on your device or TV. Read YouTube’s help articles about streaming to different devices. Watch the video below for how to connect your iPhone to your TV:

What if I’m having trouble viewing the live concert?

We don’t anticipate any issues but technology isn’t always our friend. Below are a few tips if you experience any issues:

The video keeps cutting out or freezing.

Some easy fixes to try: restart your computer or open/close the app on your phone, try using the link on a new internet browser or device, close any other open programs or applications, check your internet speed, clear your browser history, and/or restart your router. Read this YouTube help article for more options. Note that if you close the YouTube Live video while the concert is happening and reopen it a few moments later, the video may pick back up in real time, not begin where you left off.

The audio is not synced with the video.

Refreshing your internet browser or YouTube app often fixes this issue. Read this YouTube help article for more options.

It’s after the concert’s start time, but the performance hasn’t begun.

The concert should begin on your YouTube Live link when the musicians are ready. If it’s a little after the concert’s start time and you don’t see the video playing yet, you can always hit “refresh” on your internet browser, or close and reopen the app, to make sure.

My internet cut out during the concert.

If your internet cuts out and comes back on, you should be able to refresh your YouTube Live link and begin watching again. Note that the video may pick back up in real time, not begin where you left off.

I had to step away from computer and missed some of the live concert.

Not to worry! You can access the recording of the concert and rewatch the concert (or forward to parts you missed). After the deadline, the link will no longer be available for viewing.

If you have additional questions, contact the Box Office at 204-949-3999 or During the live stream, you can also use the Live Chat or comments section… we’d love to hear what you think!